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You see me, You see how I act, You see what I am, You see what I wear, You see what I represent, You see all this but do you get the gist of all these things that's in your sight, with your might you formulate a calculation to determine a theory that doesn't fit me, you may think you know but you don't, the outside things you see may leave a impression about me on you, but how do you know that's true? Do you think every guy you meet is a low down dog with no emotion? If that's your notion, I'm not with it. I got a great idea. Why don't you let me in your world and I'll let you in mine? Time heals the wounds but comfort, love and security heals the soul. See I'm never in need a woman because I can handle mine and not be desperate, but loneliness is not the way to go and I want to flow in life with somebody beside me. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm just like you. I haven't made the best choices in my life either. I've been cheated on and dogged on as well, but as the pain dwelled in my mind, it drew out my inner self. Now I was able to forgive myself and the person who caused it. That released the pain and brought me happiness. There was a reason our paths crossed. You may need me and I may need you. Time shall let us know but for now, let's just take this slow.
You're welcome @Greggr Anytime
@Riches14 Glad you added this to the CW community or I might have missed it so thanks for asking him to @greggr :P I really like this. You just have to be you, you know? I am trying to do that this year, and for nobody but myself. Just be me.
Yea I can publish that into the creative writing community.
Great thoughts, and nice writing as well. Can I ask if you'd mind please publishing this into the Creative Writing community as well?
yea, I got to happy n love my self
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