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goal... to core my Morgans:P think im going Down around Laguna to go ride!
Best place in the world to board
Oh you're close to the core my goal is completely core my flashbacks and Morgans in the summer the first week of summer or spring break even I will dedicate like 3 days to coring them but most likely summer so all my friends will be there and I can spend a whole week trying oh and the ground will be extra hot and it will leave tons more thane I'm not gonna be scared I'm gonna go as fast as a I can for those slides and keep them on as long as I can cuz I haven't learned to take the slide back in and keep going when I slide I keep it going to a full stop idk why I gotta learn to not do that
I've been ringing about getting Morgans, how do they ride?
ahh Good ole' Laguna C:
Live in utah, so its pretty dang cold. Thankfully no snow, but all the asphalt is way cold and rough. Only thaned a couple times. We will see when it warms up(: @JaydenWashabaug
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