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Despite the common saying, pregnant women should not “eat for two.” Children born to mothers who gain too much weight during pregnancy have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes according to new research published as part of the DORIAN consortium funded by the European Commission.
Based on research by the University of Helsinki and Folkhalsan Research Centre in Helsinki, which followed more than 13,000 subjects, there are strong links to large weight gain during pregnancy and health problems later among children.
The research found that the weight gain in mothers actually affected DNA and hormonal factors in the child - read the full explanation here.
Overall, the study found that babies born to overweight mothers heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and depression, among other health problems, compared to babies born to mothers of healthy weight.
If you are expecting a child, talk to a nutritionist about how much you should be eating to make sure both you and the baby are getting the right vitamins and minerals you need. Don't double up on the Ben and Jerry's!
And here I thought being pregnant meant you could give in to all your weird cravings without being judged!
Based on my friends who have recently had kids, it seems that talking to nutritionists specifically for pregnancy is much more common!