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For decades now, tobacco smoking and use has been on the decline in America, thanks to bans on cigarette advertising on television and many other health programs. Yet, tobacco business is better than ever thanks to overseas expansion. John Oliver explains the power of tobacco companies in this extended video.
What is most amazing about this video is that you start to realize that the best news these days are delivered by sarcastic comedians rather than real news channels. This was true when you watched Jon Stewart, and now it is true of his disciple, John Oliver. What Philip Morris is despicable, and I am glad someone had the guts to really attack them!
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It is pretty sad that the best news we can get is all done in sarcasm and comedy; either way, interesting video
Wow---very informative, and very funny. Let's get all the news like this! On another note, I never thought much about how profitable the tobacco industry still is--I, like many others, assumed it was a dying breed of sorts.