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Prom season is here! I'm still in the process of finding the right dress to go with our Disney animation Frozen-inspired prom theme (Frozen in Time). I'm debating between winter blue and sea-foam green dress. While researching I came across this Tiffany-inspired nail tutorial. I love the faded glitter and the lux rhinestone! You can pretty much replace any color for a different theme.
Nail polish of your choice (Here we used Anna Sui Nail Color N111) Topcoat
1. Apply two coats of the nail color of your choice. Cover with a topcoat.
2. While topcoat is still wet, use a fine brush to add glitter to the base of the nail. Pull glitter toward the tip to get a soft fade effect. Apply another coat of topcoat to create a sticky surface and place a rhinestone at the base of each nail.
3. Apply a final layer of topcoat to seal the glitter and rhinestones, giving nails a finished look. Tip: Use a dry detail brush with stiff bristles, clean the edges of the finger to get rid of any unwanted glitter.
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So beautiful! it really reminds me of Tiffany and co.
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This is off topic but I would totally make a phone cover out of this design.
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