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Tousled Side Braid Hairstyle
This hairstyle reminds me of Elsa's hair without all the complicated braiding. Something to try if I decide to do braids. If you're interested to try it out instructions are below!
1. Before you start braiding, amp up your hair's texture with a texturizing spray.
2. Clip up the front part of your hair.
3. Starting from the section directly behind the clip at the front of your head, tease your hair using a rattail comb all the way back to your crown to create a ton of volume.
4. Start French braiding.
5. Continue braiding all of your hair, slightly pulling the braid to one side.
6. Gently pull the braid apart with your fingers to give it a thicker appearance.
7-8. Remove the clip and tease. Blend it with the rest of your hair and finish with hair spray!
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Totally trying this tomorrow.
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I am so envious of how thick this girl's hair is! This looks so pretty!
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