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French skate couple Laurent Périgault (on the camera) and Alex Kubiak Ho Chi (on the board) give you some tip of how to add some pizazz to your run of the mill Coleman slide with this one footed move.
What you need: Step 1: Find a nice road.
Step 2: If you don't already, learn to do a regular coleman first.
Step 3: Position your feet like you would on a regular coleman.
Step 4: Initiate the slide.
Step 5: Lay the knee of your back leg onto the board.
Step 6: Transfer weight to your knee and hand to allow you to lift your front foot off the board!
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This will be a little tricky with long legs...
3 years ago·Reply
Seems like itd be easier. More leg/weight n the board.
3 years ago·Reply
Hmm good point but I mean more getting a leg & foot both on the board before I lift the foot.
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Dissaronno on the rocks: step one...
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