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Want to see what cycling gear was in style way back in the day? Check out this awesome cycling catalogue from 1896!
Several things strike me while looking through this old catalogue. I knew Brooks had been around for a long time, but it's amazing that their core styling has not changed at all in over 100 years. The old lights and lamps looked so complex, like miniature train lamps!
What was probably the most striking was the fact that not THAT much has changed. Yeah styles and some certain things aren't used anymore, but saddles, rain gear, tubes, panniers, cycling stands, horns, chain locks, it's all kind of the same!
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Wow, it's incredible to look back at something like this. I love how it's all drawn, I wonder how long it took to draw all of these
Old catalogues like this are fascinating!
Those old locks are cracking me up, lmao
@TeamWaffles @AnthonyB I'll see if I can find any more
@BikeSnob Yeah they look pretty heavy duty!