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Jaye Milley has been involved in sports all his life. Growing up, he played soccer in an able-bodied competitive league and played most junior high sports. He also downhill skis, snowboards, hikes, runs and cycles. Milley is a quadruple amputee, having been born with all four of his limbs underdeveloped, with several bones missing and no hands or feet.
Milley's first year on the Canadian national team was in 2010. Milley placed third in the 1,000-metre time trial at the Track World Championships and fifth in the 3,000 meter pursuit. At the 2010 Road World Championships, he placed fifth in the road race and sixth place in the individual time trial.
Milley says he never lets what others perceive as his disability get in the way. He says, “Can’t is not a word in my vocabulary.”
I don't know how he does it. You're right, I have no excuses
This man is a legend!
What an inspiring person. I bet he could beat me everyday of the year, what a champ!