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Letting out some pain...

I often find myself by myself maybe that's cause all my life I've been left alone to play and sit in front of the mirror to see myself. To talk to myself as if I were two different people. Shit then again maybe three different people I put on different persona's to feel happy about myself thinking I'm three different people on the inside. One gave me beauty the other one was shy, and the third one gave me courage and spunk to do things I probably never would. Maybe just maybe there was a fourth one to scared to come out and often needed to shout, express its self threw pain and misery. That one often had a knife in hand. When there were no knifes in site she would use a rubber band. A lighter sometimes would do maybe even a punch or two. Never thinking what's wrong with you while looking in the mirror seeing two. yelling and shouting for no reason just had to let out a screaming in my head something inside of me wants to be dead...
i loved it the one who tries and tries to feel alive but never breaks away from the dead child inside of herself
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