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Content-aware: Bridget Collins

Bridget Collins photographic works examines the relationship between the natural world and the manmade objects that reside within it. She is particularly interested in representations of objects or things that are too large to see with your bare eyes.
In Bridget's work you will be able to see a duality of sorts. There are elements in each photograph that are paired. These elements are fleeting and long-lasting, sentimental and utilitarian, large and small. For example, on the first image there is a reflection of light on top of a photograph, the light is fleeting but the photograph is long lasting (or is it the other way around?).
Thank you for the explanation @hunahuna! I value this work more now that I understand the reasoning better
@dillonk Definitely! That's what really makes these photographs work!
I see what you mean when you say there is a duality in these images. Very minute details but executed very well. Great stuff!
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