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Q: I asked a girl out two years ago, and to be honest, I was very clingy/annoying. Ultimately, she let me down in a very nice manner, and we lost contact. However, I always regretted letting things become awkward because I liked having her as a friend previous to my clingy, poor dating attempt. It's been one year since we last spoke; how can I rekindle that friendship? I feel like if I say "let's catch up" she might think I like her again! Thanks everyone!
Leave your advice for this anon in the comments :)
Yeah, just move on!
Gonna agree with these two--just move on!! If you're meant to be friends things will circle back someday--don't force it!
I hate to say it, but judging by the fact that you still wanna be friends shows that you're still clingy... So i suggest you let this bird fly...
there is no harm in trying. if the relationship ended on good terms and if you were true friends. I believe communication is key. you two should talk first about how you feel about trying to be friends again. if either one feels it isn't a good idea then step back. but if you can agree to give it a try you must be open with each other, always. even if their are awkward times share with each other what you or her is thinking. I wish you the best, and really hope it works out
@MollyTruitt This is advice I agree with!! Open communication can make something like this work, I think.
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