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I thought I'd learn a little something about posing with your face, since I see how well people's photos (like @Angelipon 's!) turn out when they clearly know how to work their face!
I've never been one to be able to pose well---I use too much teeth, or I don't open my eyes enough, or I am awkwardly angled....but I never realize any of these things until I get the photos back, and then it's too late!
These tips seem great for learning a bit and then practicing at home until my next con...who's with me?!
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It's funny, people always think of smiling as a big teeth deal--but in this case, less teeth seems to be stronger as it forces us to use our eyes and faces to smile, not just our teeth.
it's not easy to just like....relax in front of a camera posing? I've never really understood how celebs and models do it so easily
@amog32 @timeturnerjones It's actaully kind of ridiculous how unnatural it is to try to look natural on camera??? haha!