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Cosplay Posing: Facial Expressions
I thought I'd learn a little something about posing with your face, since I see how well people's photos (like @Angelipon 's!) turn out when they clearly know how to work their face!
I've never been one to be able to pose well---I use too much teeth, or I don't open my eyes enough, or I am awkwardly angled....but I never realize any of these things until I get the photos back, and then it's too late!
These tips seem great for learning a bit and then practicing at home until my next con...who's with me?!
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It's funny, people always think of smiling as a big teeth deal--but in this case, less teeth seems to be stronger as it forces us to use our eyes and faces to smile, not just our teeth.
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it's not easy to just like....relax in front of a camera posing? I've never really understood how celebs and models do it so easily
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@amog32 @timeturnerjones It's actaully kind of ridiculous how unnatural it is to try to look natural on camera??? haha!
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