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So many people think that the only way to have an awesome cosplay is to spend $$$$$ and to take a lot of time to put it together...but that's totally not the case!
Some of the cosplays that have made me go "Oh shit, that's so clever!" or just have me cracking up because they're so great have been really simple. Take a look:

Milo from Atlantis

Considering Milo is just an ordinary dude, it'd be pretty easy for an ordinary dude to cosplay him, too! You just need a shirt, bowtie and vest. Depending on your fashion senses, you might already have these. Otherwise, goodwill is your best friend!
Cosplayer: Luxris

Kirby Inhales Link

All this takes is an all pink outfit (with the Kirby face shirt, of course) and a Link hat, which can be made pretty easily or bought for probably less than $20, depending on what you get. And, it's so damn clever!!!
Cosplayer: Bruce Ford

Be a Pony!

Or, anyone from a TV series you like. You'll find that it's surprisingly easy to pull together outfits inspired by characters from My Little Pony (look at these!) or to be Dr. Who, or to put together a Tardis inspired look, whatever! Go simple; just make sure to choose recognizable looks!
Cosplayers: 16bit sirens
@amog32 I just found the picture! The idea wasn't mine :D @timeturnerjones He's totally under-appreciated! @vulpix Agreed--while i do love big, clearly time consuming accurate recreations, there's something special about cosplays like this, too
That Link/Kirby is so, so genius. That will be my next Halloween costume. Thanks @somnia
HOnestly these are the cosplays that get more attention than the middle ground ones because they're just clever, and they make people go "damn! that's cool!"
MILO!!! Never in my life have I seen someone cosplay Milo damn that's awesome.