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New board ideas

I've been thinking about saving up for a new board that I can actually use for dh since my main board now is really just a cruiser. so far I've come up with the arbiter 36kt, arbiter 36, and the bombsquad pocket ace mini. in really leaning more towards the arbiter boards, but I'm just not sure which would actually be best. any feedback would be great.
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Check out Nelson boards, they have some good down hill designs
I had the KT and all I can say it's one of my fav boards of all time nice mellow concave, great for freeride, downhill, cruising, Pushing, Ect. I personally recommend it but it's your choice lol
I have the DK and the KT, I use the kt for downhill and I have it set up with some caliber 2's, Butterballs, rdvx ultra coarse and some bones bearings. The board can definitely hold up with higher speeds no problem, I would recommend it. I haven't rode a 36 yet but its the same with no tail. if you have any questions about it, ask MD
Do the regular arbter. It is one solid board. Branch out a little though, im not a huge original fan
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