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This is a live recap for ep18 Sorry for being late >,~ Let's see what happens today ! This is a live recap for ep18 +EP1 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/49670 +EP2 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/50318 +EP3 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/51050 +EP4 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52059 +EP5 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/52538 +EP6 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/54875 +EP7 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/55719 +EP8 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/57672 +EP9 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/58207 +EP10 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/59535 +EP11 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/60688 +EP12 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/63258 +EP13 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/63607 +EP14 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/66453 +EP15 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/66480 +EP16 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/69131 +EP17 Recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/70508 CHARACTERS Song joong ji as Gang ma ru Moon chae won as Seo eun gi Park shi yeon as Han jae hee Lee gwang soo as Park jae gil Lee yu bi as Gang choco Lee sang yeop as Park jun ha EG Where have you been? Actually it is she who reported the scadals. MR I already know you've remembered all. EG When did you know it..and why didn't you tell me? MR i was supposed to be suffered ...the way you want. EG gets really angry. To destroy yours, i can do everything even it is harmful to me. She commits herself to avenging what they had done to her. EG"if you are afraid me, then go away. huh because you make me eat, sleep..we become attached before I got all my memories so I will give you one more chance, run away from me, huh?" Her face changed really cold. EG"Would you please call to JUNHA? Tell him that pick me up." He can't say anything. In the past. MR asked her that if I am a really bad boy, then how do you do? EG I will never forgive you because you are the one who I choose even I abandoned my father. MR You have to determine to do it. Never let you off the hook. But EG is also hurt... I don't know what I will do....please today stay with me.... EG leaves MR's house so the secretary comes there to clean the EG's stuff. The piece of the scene. EG 'When I crazy for you, my father passed away so to destroy yours I can do everything ! to killl yours there is anything I can't do!' Ann the reporters and achors leaves now. MR waits her JH "Today's happening ..are you sure you did that?" MR"Yes I did to get your love. I said that I will bring you back beside me." JH doesn't know what is true. But Ann stops his saying "Don't trust him JH. He loves EG" MR"i want to talk wth JH deeply. would you please leave us alone?" In EG's house JUNHA knocks her door. JUNHA"Are you still taking the shower? Hey EG. Open the door." He notices something happen. The engineer opens the door. JUNHA steps in. In the bath, EG stares into empty space. EG"i can't hate him.....even I tried to hate him......He doesn't love me at all.. to gain JH's love he uses me. He just play with me....I brainwash myself.. but it doesn't work......I did that happening because people in the world would prevent us from loveing each other if the word go out....but.....now...how could I do... i really miss him...really......miss him so much..." EG cries. Only two people in the room. JH "You did really dangerous thing..maybe he can kill you." MR "What about talking about our selves..? Cold Gang ma ru comes you and then wants you..Already scandals broke , just why don't we go far?" JH notices that MR lies because she knows him more than him. JH"You did this because of EG right? You mean you sell yourself to me" MR"Yes, if we return all the thing back to EG, and then leave at the place that EG isn't exist. willingly I will be sold." EG comes to her original house which JH is in. JH you packed your things and then come back to home. welcome. actually the happening is done by MR. EG is little shocked because she did it. ES cries..because he is teased by his friend because of the rumor between JH and MR. In JH's office. JH"Why are you coming here?" Ann"The emergency conference will open. the item is your rumor. and then what did you do last night with MR?" JH ignores it But Ann get really angry Ann"You're my lady. Never send you to him. If you want to go, die and then go. I abandon all the things to make you that place. Marry me ! Han jae hee." He threat her and kiss high handed... JUNHA meets MR MR doesn't inqire after her..because he can be hurt if the anwer is that she is really well without you. the opposite answer is also same. EG calls him...and say nothing. But MR notices soon it is she. They say nothing..but they say at heart. MR "Are you well these days?" EG" Actually I 'm in depressed and have hard time...what about you.." MR i miss you EG. They talk at heart ...they say nothing... JHB"Is it made in Korea or imported?" CC"it IS made in korea." JHB"What is the rank?" CC"What do you mean?" JHB"A+. A things like that !!! I don't eat the meat under A" CC doesn't care about it. JH recalls the memories with MR and ANN. The deal with MR and the threat by ANN. JH comes to MR. JH "How about a drink with me?" MR"It is not allowed to drink in the company" JH"Don't care about it especially Ann. you know that people are really foolish. When they young, people really hard to get wealth and honor but after they get old and sick.. they do effort to return their health despite they lose all the weath and honor." JH cannot put down the obsession of MR. In the JH's house. MR backs her up.. and then EG watches it. JH"Hey MR, How about drink one more?" EG feels sad .....still misses him JH"i regret..MR....I regret bitterly...." someone knocks EG's door and then he comes. MR" Are you well these days?" EG"Yes" MR"Are you here?" EG"Yes" MR"Do you have a meal?" EG"Yes" MR"Do you feel any pain anywhere?" EG"Yes" MR"You can say only yes?" .......then I will leave now... EG is about to open the door but she hesitates... MR is also ...hesitates.. He calls to EG. MR"Is there only this house you can live? you look really get dry..Doesn't JH give any food?....I will leave really..." EG talks herself..."I feel satisfied when I saw you...bye...MR." JG protests MR to have a surgery but MR just goes out because at that moment CC comes in. JH"Yesterday..Did he run into EG?" Maid "Yes.." JH"How long?" Maid "I don't know exactly but after he comes out..he still watches her door for long time." EG heard that her father already knew the relationship between Ann and JH. She asks him that tell me all the things if you know. JUNHA agonizes whether he tells the truth or not. Because if he reveals it, he has to reveal that his father was related to EG's mother's car accident. So he decides to meet MR. EG talks herself... My memories are believable? What was that I've seen that day.... Finish :) Next week.airs the final episode of Nice guy...ㅜnㅜ Already?
so much like this episode........
huh! another masterpiece
Already??? I feel NO
*cries*@ mikiqi u bet eungi nunna..has bad timming always..hope marushi can bear the pain..
mminyk2002 love you..thanks.. *wipes tears*
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