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Need Bearing Help

i have both of these bearings and im currently using the luckies but i bought these reds bcuz i have another cruiser but i want someones outlook and expierience on wich are better or faster bearings!
Trust me, you won't feel any difference in speed when comparing bearings. With that being said, Reds are better imo because of the durability. I've had my set for 4 years now, and haven't cleaned them once. They still roll like it came out right out of the box though!
thanks ill give the reds a try iv never ridden the before so had to ask
I roll reds they are very well made bearings that last you longer
Seismic tekton are my favorite they got the built in spacers, last forever on my fun slide board and got the ceramics with bear precisions on my Evo but that's me and mine. Reds are good keep em clean and have fun
get some built ins. you won't regret it. 12 parts you dont have to deal with when swapping and rotating wheels
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