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Writing has never just been about putting words down, just as reading is about so much more than just looking at words on a page! Words move together in invisible ways to teach us about ourselves and about our world, both in the act of creating and in the act of reading.
This video shows the views of 10 different authors about the magic of literature, in both reading and writing, and how those things move together hand in hand. Watch it to learn something about how literature influences us, how we can influence it, and how we should continue to view literature in a positive light.
The authors who speak are: Jonathan Safran Foer, Kerstin Ekman, Henning Mankell, Linn Ullmann, Tomas Espedal, Siri Hustvedt, Gunter Grass, Richard Ford, David Vann and Nicole Krauss!
"There are situations in life where only literature and poetry can console you, says American writer Jonathan Safran Foer (b. 1977). As a child Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman (b.1933) believed that fiction was real life, while her fellow-countryman, crime novelist Henning Mankell (b.1948), argues that the real artist is the child asking the difficult questions. Norwegian writers Linn Ullmann (b.1966) and Tomas Espedal (b.1961) talk about how their mothers influenced their reading, and Norwegian-American Siri Hustvedt (b.1955) explains that the only way to discover literature is to find your own path through it. German Nobel laureate Günter Grass (b. 1927) and American Richard Ford (b.1944) underline the importance of language in defining who we are. Finally, American writers David Vann (b. 1966) and Nicole Krauss (b.1974) combine the experience of reading and writing: "On the blank page you can decide to become anything" Krauss states. "
@hikaymm I dunno! I just found it because I like one of the author's that speaks in the video :) Linn Ullmann!!
@timeturnerjones Is this part of a series or something?
Reading might be an amazing thing, but I always thought writing was the more magical part, because it creates the base the rest of the magic of reading and literature builds from!!
Wow--what a spectacular video! It's great to hear so many different authors, from so many different walks of life, share their ideas. Thanks for sharing @timeturnerjones