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This one is a very simple prompt! The idea started from a writing prompts tumblr you may want to check out!
Take a look at this picture. Be inspired by it. Write about it. Island hands. Where did they come from? Who did they belong to? Why are they in the sea? Are they beautiful or creepy? Are they even hands, or carnivorous creatures rising from the deep, as we always knew they would? And what of the structures above them? Share the story!
Feel free to share in the comments, or, post your own card and leave a link to it here!
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@hikaymm Check this one!
@greggr Thanks! I like this one! It reminds me of a drawing I saw recently of a turtle with a city on it's back in the water---interesting....
@hikaymm Ahh, the myth of the divine turtle! I didn't even think of that while writing this prompt, but yes indeed that could be related.