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I've mentioned this briefly before, but if you are going to have your dog walking on tough terrain, in snowy conditions, or on hot pavement, you should try to avoid damaging their paws so they don't wind up needing to be carried like this guy, or worse. You also don't want the dogs to get their paws damaged by salt used to melt snow or ice if you live in snowy areas.

How to do that? I think the best way is to use Musher's Secret!

This is a great description of what the best choice for dogs is, especially if the dog doesn't like dog boots: Musher's Secret!
Musher's Secret is basically a paw wax, that does a good job from keeping slush, ice and snow from sticking to the toes and fur. The wax also keeps the pads soft. It's a really great product, and does a really great job of preventing your dog from getting injured unnecessarily.
To apply it, just do as he does from 5:30s on! If you want to use it, check out his full review.
@TrevorGoldley Thanks this is good to know. I think this has something to do with our specific Chesapeake Bay water shedding act and any drainage and runoff that goes into that the State is very strict about. But who knew! I just had gone to buy more and they had to remove it from the shelves and I was shocked! Now I am like what! I am not seeing about it out there but I am keeping my eyes open.
@redridergirl Wow, I didn't even know that. I feel like if it's dangerous in water it's gotta be dangerous for pets, too you know? Probably not studied as much though since it'd be cruel to test it on them....but still, that's crazy. Stick with this!! It's even safe if they lick it (which they will). I highly recommend it.
This is great to know because our local Pet store can longer sell the Pet friendly snow melt because the chemicals in have been banned due to the seepage upon melting into the water systems and ultimately into the streams rivers bay and ocean. Apparently it somehow has some proven harmful effect. Which made me wonder then if it was actually ever safe for pets really?
I wonder if it's always been called Musher's Secret, or if it was just taken from the mushers and made into such a big product...ha!
Nicee!! I'm going to tell my mom to use this for our pups feet since there's so much salt on the sidewalks and what not.
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