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Spring is fast approaching. And I know exactly what you need to spring forward and how to do it with finesse. Of course, it's a cocktail. A peachy-pink one, in time for the rise of the parrot tulips. It's bright. It's effervescent. It's calling your name. It's called Country Club.
Don your best Monique Lhuillier, pair it with the right accessories and you're ready for anything! That new career path. Oysters Rockefeller, that you swore you'd never do. A barricade-free love zone that's absolutely honest. A rebirth, of sorts.
Country Club
2 oz Vodka (Burnett's)
1 oz Grapefruit Juice
Garnish: Lemon/lime wedge
Glass: Highball Glass
1. Combine vodka and juice over ice.
2. Top off with Sprite.
3. Garnish.
Monique Lhuillier Dress
Resort 2015
Hermes Clutch
Fendi Penquit Sunglasses
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That dress is SO PRETTY! I want it! <3
I have 2 dogs. A clutch would never work for me. HAHA The drink sounds refreshing though. @nixonwoman
Oysters--gross. But YES to the dress and the Hermes clutch. Oh, and of of course YES to the "Country Club" cocktail
How cute! Everything about this is my style.
these are fun because it mixes fashion and awesome cocktails. fun to read too.