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Okay, I know I just wrote a card about the surprise hidden in Ariana's new video for 'One Last Time' but now there is another surprise. The new video has been accused of lifting the concept from another clip released last year by the Australian group SAFIA.
The group was pretty pissed, posting to Facebook things like "IT'S ONNNNNNN, DON'T MESS YOU THE SAF," but then changed their tune after receiving death threats from around the world. As of right now, there is no legal action being taken but I'll keep you updated!
Compare for yourself:
Totally the same video, look at that last pose!!!
I've seen a lot of MVs with this style, but the plot and color scheme is pretty identical in these two.
@Nisfit @galinda Yeah I have no idea how people can sue or claim copyright on stuff like this so it should be interesting to see what happens if anyone takes action :/
Dang, even the color of the sky!
Yeah looks like the exact same video just from a different POV. Hmmm.