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I love you. Please respond. Please hear me one last time. Please give me a lifetime to tell you. I love you. Hear my voice when he speaks your name. Hear my voice while you dream at night. Hear my sweet nothings as I tell you. I love you. See my will as it is tested strong. See my heart as it has loved to long. See my Love for it longs for yours. I love you. I can't express my feelings for you enough through these words. I can't express my hearts contents with the goodbye you sang like a bird. I can't tell you how much. I love you. Because i lost something that meant so much to me. Because i didn't do a damn thing! Because i didn't say it enough! I'm crying so much, but you can't even see! Please answer me. Talk to me. Give me a sign. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you, i do.
Again, I really love the direct simplicity you use in these poems that are conveying so much emotion, and so much want. Admirable, really. I'd love it if you can publish this into creative writing as well--I think it's worthy of being seen by more!
The very last I do is a little heartbreaking--such reassurance throughout, but that feels like a childish plea....i do, so please believe me, kind of feeling
will do