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I just read that there are ultra light hikers that use bubble wrap as a sleeping bad while hiking. Does anyone know anything about this? I feel like if I were to do this for hiking or camping, every time I turn over it would sound like guns going off--pop pop pop! Would this be fixed if I used big bubbled bubble wrap, or maybe the foil backed kind I saw at Home Depot?
If anyone has done this, let me know! @yakwithalan @happyrock @treedweller
Alright, I won't feel bad passing on this then!!! It's not for me, either, I don't think
@happyrock I'll be a princess too then. This guy needs a mat.
Seems like a good idea to me! I'd want to add some to mine to make it more supportive, if possible
Not to call myself a princess, but I like a proper mat, too
I tried it out at home once. It works, but it's just not necessary to me. I'm not huge on ultra light so I'd be more comfortable with a mat, so that's what I use.