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Dead Balsim Fir wood has a quality that causes their branches to flex with changes in the atmosphere, which means they're a great way to judge weather changes while traveling outdoors.
By cutting off a small branch still attached to the main stalk and shaving off the branch. Then, watch it:
- if it goes up, the weather should be nice
- if it's angled down, the weather might take a turn for the worse.
You can use this in camp, bring it with you to your next camp, and thus be able to judge the weather pretty easily! Enjoy it!
No way I'd be carrying this around hiking with me XD but if you're hiking from a base camp it'd be a good way to judge weather from there!
Huh--interesting! @treedweller would this only work with that tree or are there others?
@happyrock I never said it was convenient! @yakwithalan I'm sure there are, but this one is the most reliable one I've learned about