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Eric Nam has five US shows lined up this week in the US starting in NYC and ending in LA. In an unexpected announcement this morning via Eric Nam's Instagram, the tour was postponed until further notice.
Was any one planning on going to these dates?
Eric's Statement:
"Dear friends and family,
Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances that are far beyond my control, I must relay that my US Tour has been postponed until further notice. I am so incredibly sorry and sad to have to relay this news as I know that so many of my friends, family and fans have been making arrangements, booking flights and tickets to show me support and love that goes above and beyond what I had ever expected or hoped for. Thank you so much and I hope to be able to see you all and perform for you soon. Below, you will find an official explanation from the promoter.
Here is the official statement:
"We regret to announce that all stops of the Eric Nam US Tour 2015 will be postponed. Due to bad weather on the East Coast, we have been informed that several of the flights planned for the duration of the tour have been canceled and it will disrupt the tour from going smoothly. The local connecting flights from New York through to Chicago have been canceled with no guarantee of the entire team making it to each stop in time. Considering this, we have decided it would be unwise to risk not being able to deliver a show to every stop.
B2M Entertainment and WME Radio are working on alternate tour dates for when the weather is a lot more forgiving.We understand that this is very disappointing for both Eric and his fans, but we hope that you will still be able to join us on the new tour dates as Eric has an amazing show planned for all of you.
For those who have purchased tickets, you are entitled to full refunds if you are unable to attend during the newly announced dates. If you have purchased through Ticketmaster or Ticketfly, you will be issued a refund and tickets must be repurchased.If you have purchased through Tictail, you will have the option to hold on to your ticket for the new tour dates. If you are unable to attend due to the date change, we will work with you to make arrangements for the refunds.
More information on refund procedures will be announced shortly.
Please e-mail us at support@wmeradio.com for any questions and concerns.
Again, we are very sorry and we do apologize for any and all inconveniences caused. We hope to see all of you soon."
Oyyy that sucks!
I guess I'm glad that they cancelled it in order to put on a good show and not a half-assed one? But still :(
I hope Eric isn't tht sad :/