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With Spring cleaning comes a sense of purpose. De-clutter and un-complicate your life, your wardrobe, and your cocktail bar. Admiral & Cola is that thirst-quenching cocktail that just feels good. Celebrate your accomplishments with a girlfriend. Keep it simple. Margarita pizza and Admiral & Cola.
Admiral & Cola
1 1/2 oz Spiced Rum (Admiral Nelson's)

1/2 oz Lime Juice
Cola (Coke or Pepsi)
Garnish: Lime
Glass: Rocks Glass

1. Fill a rocks glass with ice.
2. Add Admiral Nelson's spiced rum and lime juice.
3. Top with cola.
4. Garnish with a wedge of lime.
Spring 2015
Victoria Beckham Striped Tunic Trouser
Warby Parker "Robinson" Sunglasses $95
Michael Kors Tote $865
Core Jewels "Skull" Ring, $10,000
Marrying David Beckham certainly didn't hurt either.
That skull is HOW MUCH?!?!?!?!?!?!
It's impressive to see how VB went from Spice Girls to legit fashion designer.
I love Warby Parker! They even let you order up to 5 pairs to your house at no cost just to try them on and send them back.
Never heard of Core Jewels. Are those black diamonds? Why is it so expensive? Your idea of this cocktail over pizza sounds heavenly! thx @nixonwoman
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