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Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young created romantic rumors. While Song was promoting the movie A Werewolf Boy, he drew a lot of attention by jokingly saying, “Park is mine.” “I want to create romantic rumors with Park. Let’s hold each other’s hands.” Park recently gave an interview to a media outlet and explained, “Song and I are like brother and sister.” Park added, “I can tell that Song is very popular. We are very close friends. I got closer to him because my boss is also a close friend of him.” Park and Song appeared on the movie A Werewolf Boy together. Park played the role of a girl, who helps a werewolf boy to learn the world. It drew over 1.9 million viewers only in eight days.
same.~ Ohh for God sake she did a good decision. :) I need to study for my exams so I'll be busy
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when you're happy and you know it clap your hands!! *clap clap*
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