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An excuse to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. On purpose. And as often as you like.
Decadent chocolate ice cream and Amarula Cream Liqueur are just too irresistible. Combined together in a bottomless pilsner, it's indulgence that beckons your reckless abandon! But please, my dear, do it with some fashion sense about you.
African Brew
2 oz Amarula Cream Liqueur
1 scoop chocolate ice cream
1/4 cup crushed ice
Garnish: Chocolate-covered banana slice
Glass: Pilsner
1. Blend all ingredients until smooth in a food processor.
2. Pour into chilled glass.
3. Garnish.
Spring 2015
Vivienne Westwood
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I could do this for breakfast probably everyday. What are you doing to me @NixonWoman?!
Sorry dear, but every girl needs this. Think of it as good medicine for all that ails you @darcysdiary
Cool drink and cool styling.
Great remedy for hating to get out of bed. hahaha
Those red lips! ouch! That African Brew is DESSERT. yummmy