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It's volunteering season...ugh. But you no longer have to grin and bear it--thanks to a little-known cocktail, Elderflower Collins. Don't freak if the sexy bartender is clueless. Single or not, this is also a flirty way to get him to get your number, as you explain exactly what's in the clear cocktail.
A Sharpie isn't the only requirement to be a good volunteer. You need to dress for the occasion, which means wearing something effortlessly put-together. Basically, you need to look like you couldn't give a damn without actually saying it.
Elderflower Collins
2 oz gin
1/2 oz Elderflower Cordial
1 oz lemon juice
Soda water
Glass: Highball
Garnish: Lime
1. Fill a shaker with ice cubes.
2. Add gin, lemon juice and elderflower cordial.
3. Shake and strain into a chilled glass with ice cubes.
4. Top off with soda water.
5. Garnish.
Spring 2015
Louis Vuitton Resort
Jimmy Choo "Lance" Champagne Glitter Sandal, $795
Stella McCartney "Falabella" Shaggy Deer Purse, $470
Fendi "Atelier" Sunglasses
Sharpie Fine Tip permanent marker, $2
I know it's wrong to covet, but that Jimmy Choo sandal is to die for!!
If this is like a lemonade then I am going to like this recipe.
@MarshallEdgar no. Don't think lemonade. It's not. Just try it.
Someone's been reading their Bible...@DaniaChicago. Can't blame you. That is one helluva shoe. Thinking about your wedding or just because?
Good to know. @NixonWoman. Would you ever consider including men's clothing to the cocktail mix?