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Girls are always preoccupied with the several beauty concerns while open pores is the most common distress. Open pores can really affect your skin and it can actually make you look worse. There are several causes of open pores some of them are mentioned here.
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Would you suggest switching out my usual toner with a diluted apple cider vinegar? My pores are horrible!!
@danidee Yes, you should. Apple cider vinegar is healthy and tonic for skin. Apple cider vinegar does a fantastic job on rebalancing your skin’s pH. You will notice your pores start to get smaller within a few days. Give it a try. :)
@Muslimah90 Okay! I think I will. I found a good article on how to make your own apple cider vinegar toner, so I think I will make my own Vingle card about it once I've made it and given it a try. :)
@danidee @Muslimah90 I've been meaning to try an ACV toner!