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Before heading back home for an Australian summer, Jackson Shapiera hit up a local San Diego gem to shred some urethane on the 72mm80a R.A.D. Release.
Jackson, or Jacko as he likes to be called, is from Sydney. He grew up with a surfing background, but quickly got into longboarding. Early on he didn't have any sponsors, but he made sure to go to every event he could and filmed his riding. Before long he was shredding with sector 9 and a bunch of other sponsors.
@Mannith Awesome man, didn't know you had met him before. I'm sure you meet a bunch of people coming through SD
Yeah I know spots that riders don't know cause I came from other sports
man he is hilarious I drove him to a race outside of LA from SD full of great stories of how skating on the right lane is fun but going back home for him it's the left lane. but I was him a speedy recovery as he just finished up the first part of his leg surgery