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Matt VanDyke went on an incredible journey, to grow up. He was a timid 26-year-old who was living with his mom who would cook his food and do his laundry. Something need to change.
He left his home in Baltimore and set off on what he described as a “crash course in manhood.” He bought a motorcycle and a video camera and began a multi-year, 35,000-mile motorcycle trip through Norther Africa and the Middle East.
Through his travels he found himself in Libya making friends. He struck an unlikely friendship with a Libyan hippie.
Unfortunately this was bad timing to be in Libya, a revolution broke out. Matt joined his friend in the fight against the dictator Mummer Gaddafi. Armed with a gun and a camera, Matt fought in the war until he was captured by Gaddafi forces and held in solitary confinement for six months.
This documentary is a stunning feat of personal personal transformation. Winner of the Best Documentary Award at the Tribeca Film Festival, you should definitely check out POINT AND SHOOT.
@redridergirl I think you are totally right in bring these questions up, they are things worth discussing. I think it might help to see the film but at a base level I think it's pretty difficult to justify running off and leaving your family to end up fighting like a terrorist. The story may be inherently flawed in that way
Hmmm, looks interesting but as others have said this is kind of weird. I mean you first instinct is to run off from home and join a group of separatists or something?
I like the trailer. I will have to see the movie to know more about it. But the concept of a spoiled brat striking out so drastically on his own going rogue in such a dramatic way is little far fetched. Take responsibility, get a job, apartment, do your own laundry and cooking, grow up be a man period. No theatrics were necessary other than every day life. What i feel he hoped for was to be the next Matt Damon/Ben Affleck? Any better way? What is the U.S. stance on Libya friend or foe? How is this kid viewed by the U.S.? Hero or Terrorist? I empathize with the innocent people being terrorized. I will see the movie because I hope it will answer some of just the few of these questions from the trailer.
@TeamWaffles Yes it leaves so many things wide open. Yet who just jumps off the grid like that out of no where especially to find their manhood? Would you? I wouldn't to find anything unless it was just some extreme adventure. Something isn't rational in my mind about it. But I have to wait and see it to know. And I understand becoming part of what you are fighting for. But why in the first place? And are you now a hero or terrorist? I just don't know! So I hope the movie can fill in the blanks. I look forward to seeing it!
@redridergirl I think you bring up a lot of interesting points. When listening to the trailer I never heard him mention his father, which could explain some of his choices in trying to 'become a man'. I'll have to see it as well to know how I really feel about it