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Taeyeon: Examinies, you have worked hard <3 Jessica: Examinies, you have worked hard. Smile always. Sunny: The students who have worked hard, give yourself a suitable reward~ <3 Tiffany: Examinies~~ You hae worked hard. Spend your free time well~~^^ xoxo- Tiffany. Hyoyeon: Examinies, you have worked hard~!! It's free time right now~ Yuri: Examinies, for today's exams, you all have worked hard. It's very very tough (pat shoulders) You, the one that had worked hard will reap what you sow -the one who will always challenge her dreams-Yuri Sooyoung: You are free. You have worked hard. Lets' party' ^^ Yoona: Examinies, you have worked hard. Did you'all catch a cold, exams over..? Now it's time to enjoy your free time hard. Await everyone's good news <3 Seohyun: Examinies, I applause for your hard work. You all have worked hard. ^_^ You will reap what you sow Translated by: 둥기09 v/doongie9