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The darkness, it calls my name... it laughs at me.. it surrounds me.. it engulfs me.. it tries to fill my veins and poison my mind with doubt.. it makes me feel so alone at times.. But i tell myself "Keep going, For her" She gives me hope, and the sound of her name gives me strength. However, the darkness keeps calling and it creates a battle in my head.. a never ending war.. the emotions tear, and rip away at me.. the loneliness returns.. the sense of uselessness returns.. No.. Stop.. I need to stop.. For her. I must keep going For her. If I don't i will lose her and myself.. I love her so much.. So i will overcome this darkness.. For her.
We all have that one person that keeps our fires burning even when everything else around us is trying to quench it.. This is a special piece by a special person to all the special people out there.. I love it.
I express my feelings through my art and my writing. I understand you completely! It is awesome when guys can express their emotions. It tells us that men can have vulnerable moments and they need comfort! Men and women are supposed to be equal, but men aren't allowed to show emotion! It is really a delight to know that you can express yourself
Thank you! I really appreciate the time you took to read my poem. I have trouble expressing myself at times and so I express myself through writing.
@jonathanvq Glad to hear that too, wow! Well if you keep posting I'll keep reading :)
This was really, really touching. @jonathanvq I always do much better expressing myself through writing :)
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