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Recently, I've gotten hooked on watching shorts on Vimeo and what not, particularly of the romance variety!
This 10 minute rom-com tells the story of David, who is a tour guide in Rome, and leads his faithful tourists around a tour of his heartbreak--will it take him back to love? Watch and find out!! :)
I love this one because it's so true to life. Sometimes, we don't know what went wrong just that something did, and we wish we knew what it was so we could fix it. That's totally the vibe I got from David, too. Something was wrong, he wanted to fix it, he still loves his ex-girlfriend, but he doesn't know what to fix! Have you ever had the same problem? What did you do?
Please tell me you'll post more of these! @onesmile I love a little bit of romcom, but a full movie is usually just too much for me!!!
@danidee I feel like you might like this :)