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Mashable reported on and shared the three images above detailing just how dramatic the current cold front that is hitting the East Coast is, and just how much the weather in the United States is differing from the norms right now. Right now, the global temperature is, on average, between 25 and 45 degrees below average or more.
Taking a look at this image, it's easy to see just how insanely cold--and out of the ordinarily cold--the eastern seaboard is right now. Just look at that huge purple blotch, which represents cold, cold temperatures.
This kind of cold is causing all sorts of strange things: ice quakes are being felt in Kentucky, which is when a loud boom can be heard when water frozen underground expands rapidly. Geysers, such as this one in NY, are frozen in their place. Niagara Falls, which does freeze sometimes, is more frozen than it has been in years as seen in the pic at the top of this card.
And, the coldest part of this polar vortex is yet to hit: meaning the coldest temperatures will likely arrive today.
These changes aren't only causing cold: they're causing record breaking warmth for this time of year in Alaska, leading the Iditorod Dog Race to be rerouted for the second time ever. Additionally, it's also encouraging the drought in the Sierra Nevadas to continue, which means that the drought in California will likely continue into the spring.
How is the weather where you are? Are you braving the cold? Stay warm and safe, everyone. The weather changes are crazy these days.
Weather is a weird, weird wonder. It's predictable, but only in the very immediate sense, really.
@nehapatel the video isn't working anymore. but you're damn right: something big is changing in the weather. it seems like big weather is becoming the normal weather.