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A male student on a liberal arts school campus in Oregon was told to stay away from another student, and effectively banned from certain areas of campus, because he reminded her of a man who had raped her hundreds of miles away.
This story was shared by Professor Janet Halley with the Harvard Law Review, in which she shared that she recently assisted the student, who was examined and interrogated about possibly being involved in the females distress before being pardoned. And even then, he was still given orders to not go near the student so she wouldn't be upset.
I'm all for ending rape on college campuses. And I'm all for proper investigative order to find those who commit such acts. But I am not for infringing on another students' rights to comfortably attend the school he pays to go to just for another students comfort. Isn't that just transferring the pain to someone else?
Even if she was suffering from PTSD which she likely was if his image was reminding her of her rapist, there is no evidence that he did anything to her, nor was he even associated with her beyond being on the same campus. How does it become OK to make another persons life difficult to help someone else?
I think he should probably sue over this. (a) I think he'd probably win. (b) It needs to be established that a man cannot be made responsible and penalized for someone else's illusions, imaginations or feelings. It's possible he already is suing, with the help of Halley, because many details were left out of the report which leads me to suspect lawyer/client confidentiality agreements are in place.
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@marshalledgar Even if he can, sucks that he's put into this situation I think! When will these things change... @yakwithalan I'm not sure what they exactly were but based on what I've heard so far they don't sound very legal to me.
Were those kind of orders by the school to stay away from certain areas of campus even legal? Id like to know more about exactly what orders were given.
well, he can quit school after the lottery pay-out. lol What a crummy decision by the school. I agree with you @drwhat