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Among discussions of data caps, internet changes, net neutrality and more, there is really one thing that keeps coming up: America hates Comcast. More and more, that has become clear.
Is the hate warranted? Let's look:

Unforced error #1: Customer Service Lies to Customer

Listen on Soundcoud here to hear the following lie told by the Comcast agent:

"Every Internet service provider has data caps. It is mandated by the law."
Even if this is just one agent, this is far from the first time. The customer was upset because they are in a "test" zone, which meant he was getting charged for going over a data cap that shouldn't exist, and the charges were outrageous. Customer service did a poor job handling his request and he ultimately had to go into the store to have his service cancelled.

Unforced error #2: Charging Nearly $3,000 for Moving

This man signed a 3 year contract and enjoyed his service, but then he moved about an hour away. Comcast didn't have service in his near area, so he had to end his contract. When he did, they changed him nearly $3,000 in termination fees--when it would have cost much much less for them to simply find a way to get him service.

Unforced error #3: Calling Customers Names

Again, this might just be a case of poor training, but changing customers names on their accounts to "Asshole Brown," "Super Bitch," and "whore" just isn't acceptable at any company. Sorry.

Unforced Error #4: Paying op-ed writers to oppose net neutrality.

We get it, Comcast. You don't want net neutrality. But that doesn't make paying writers to oppose it OK, nor is it cool on your part at all. If you want to be liked, at least pretend to be a good company for a little while, alright?

Unforced Error #5: Getting People Fired for Complaining

After complaining about his service and poor treatment, one man was let go from his job because Comcast spoke with him employment about the complaints, and the company had good relations with Comcast they didn't want to spoil. The man is suing.
@yakwithalan They've crossed boundaries in too many areas to be really forgiven. @drwhat I think many people have a similar experience. @greggr Sadly, I don't think we can expect people to give them up, simply because they are many people's only viable option, as bad as they are.
Ah, Comcast. How America loves to hate you, and still use you.
You didn't have to convince me. I've hated comcast ever since I was forced to swtich to their service a few years back. They've never been good to me.
I'd say that some of these errors are just unavoidable given the woes of customer service, but trying to force people not to leave your service, paying writers to provide false's too much.