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does anyone know where i can find one? they are all out of stock! anyone selling? or is there a deck like that? but another brand
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It's an outdated style
3 years ago·Reply
five mile widow maker is similar but also rare
3 years ago·Reply
@Mannith is it really? What about the omen kush I think they took that type of desgin
3 years ago·Reply
It's really just an evo from omen, lol I didn't even know it existed
3 years ago·Reply
@NickRadis Five Mile Widowmaker is just a center drop board, not a dewedged/wedged nose and tail like you want. They're also not in production anymore so they're either going to be hard to find/expensive. Check out the Omen Chief, it's a newer model of the Kush I believe
3 years ago·Reply