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Pantone must have hit a nerve with their selection of Marsala as the it-color for 2015 because this shade is popping up everywhere! If you've read my previous posts, then you know I am not a fan of the color in large amounts. Used as an accent is totally fine by me, until I had a chat with a young woman sitting at an adjacent table at Joan's On 3rd. She felt the same as me but was able to overcome it through variations of the color!
Now, why didn't I think of that?
So, if you're opposed to a certain color, think about varying the color. You can tint, brighten, darken and on and on... There really are no deal-breakers when playing with the intensity of a color for a color scheme. Maybe you're thinking pink but can't get past the Pepto that's in your mind. Let these pictures both educate and inspire you to play with the dimensions of a color to get the look you want and love.
These pictures feature all manner of shades of Marsala. Whether it's the big chunky peonies or the tapered candles on the table, you can see how color variations keep the wedding from looking matchy-matchy and give an authentic, less commercialized feel.
I still don't really love the Marsala color, but those floral arrangements are incredible.
It's a pretty warm gold. love that.
Me too @DaniaChicago! The color of the glasses really accent the flowers well too.
i keep looking at the flowers and the table. SO very very pretty. @danidee
agreed @danidee but it's liberating to keep in mind the freedom to play with saturation, vibrancy. etc.
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