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Skating is one of the most amazing things on the planet. The benefits of it can be seen physically, emotionally, mentally, even spiritually. It is a passion as well as a hobby. But the people you skate with is a whole blessing in itself. I live in central Utah, Mormon central. I am a member of the church too and don't mean to disrespect when I say that Utah Mormons are a little out there. Because of the self righteous environment, skating is looked down upon as a rebellious activity. So, no one skates. The few who do are swearing druggies, something I don't want to be around. So, my skate story is a lonely one. Recently, I sold a pintail to a friend of mine, and he is in love with it. We have boarded a canyon trail or two, and he wants to go fast and sideways now. He is buying a Landyachtz Switch 40, and we have big plans in store. Now, riding alone is hard to do. Now that I have a taste of skating with friends, I never want to go back! So here is the moral of the story. Thank your buddies. The people who you skate with and hangout with and film with and wreck with and party with and bleed with and bomb with. Tell them how you really feel. Yeah yeah, us tough guys don't like that sissy stuff, but really. Thank them. Tell them you love them. Do nice things for them. Don't take them for granted, because they are one of the major blessings in the world of skating. Because oh man, you never know what you got till its gone.
I'm always skating alone I'm in two skate groups and everyone is always busy so I just get used to skating by myself or just sitting inside alone
I live in provo currently for school and I completely understand the frustration
Oh, well, i used to live in syracuse, but i recently moved to virginia. But i am coming back for efy (mormon power *fist bump*) in the summer.
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