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This trail isn't dangerous for the hike itself. You can enjoy this semi-strenuous 11.4 mile round trip hike--you'll go through a total of 1,300' in altitude changes, and get to take in the beautiful panoramic views at the end of the trail before following the same route back to the trailhead.
What is dangerous is that this trail is probably the one with the most grizzly and black bear sightings anywhere in the lower 48 states. In fact, the trail's location is also home to the highest concentration of grizzly bears in the lower 48 states as well.
The trail on Huckleberry Mountain is aptly name: when the berries are in season, the trail is covered in the sweet berry. And this is why it's so dangerous! Bears actually feed largely on plant material, and this is a huge part of their diet in this area.

So, if you end up going during huckleberry season (summer and fall), bring some bear spray and a big stick. Sightings are so common that, duringhigh huckleberry season, rangers often close the trail to dayhiking–but backpackers may still complete overnight trips in the area. Make sure to learn good techniques for hiking in bear country before attempting this hike, and be safe!

@treedweller I guess we can forgive your mistake :P
(says the guy who used the wrong you're. As long as you're smart, guys.)
It's really not so hard to stay safe in bear country as long as your smart, guys.
@yakwithalan Pretty much!! @TrevorGoldley There are definitely times when it's safe to go; a lot of people go and don't see bears at all!
Yeahhhhh I'll pass...never been a fan of bear country!!
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