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- 8 Members
- Debuting in March/April
"Fans may be introduced to them as early as April with a mini-album released as their debut. In March, order to let people know of their debut, teasers will be revealed before they launch into their full-scale promotions."
Officials in the music industry who are involved in the album have said, “They are currently in the final difficult stages of placing the title song candidates” and also said, “They are ambitiously and meticulously preparing, so it would be great if you can look forward to it.”
Here's a list of possible members:
(again, nothing has been confirmed!)

Seo Hyejin -

Dated Kyungsoo (D.O) in high school (swipe for more photos)
From Gongchan's hometown

Cha Yoonji

- Baro's little sister
- Plays piano and guitar

Kim Yerin

- Girl from Japanese version of Beautiful Target
OMG I love sibling idols lol
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I feel like a lot of new idols know other idols from different things. It's really funny. It makes me feel like Korea must be really really small, at least in regards to young people wanting to get a start in entertainment.
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