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Getting married surrounded by some of the best American scenery is only a part of what makes a wedding memorable. Saying 'I do' with the Rockies in plain sight is just downright epic. For Luke and Bre, they wanted something sophisticated, yet relaxed. Tuxedos in summertime, at this altitude was both beautiful and practical.
The rustic granola vibe mixed with shades of black and luxe attire gives you an idea of how you can create the same look and feel for your wedding. Not quite a barn, but certainly not a traditional convention space, the couple used a rustic meeting hall to outfit it with fabric swag and chandeliers. Take a look!
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What a lovely way and place to get married. My plan is to do it outside also. Iwant to be in the sunshine.
Where in Colorado are you? I've never been before @darcysdiary
This reminds me that I need to get away for a vacay. The Broadmoor is just the thing I need!
Colorado Springs @daniachicago. Hilly where Im at here, but not mountainous. The Broadmoor is luxury @nixonwoman. If you come we can lounge at one of the bars. Have you been there before? It'd make for a great wedding venue.
I have friends that used to live in Colorado Springs @darcysdiary. I too have been to The Broadmoor. That hotel is classy! It's huge. I heard that Christmas time cannot be beat