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EXID Fan Cam Gets 8+ Million Views

In case you were wondering why EXID's 'Up and Down' won and award nearly 5 months after the song came out, here is your answer.
The song didn't get too much attention when it came out back in August, but suddenly in January they started coming in first place at music shows! Turns out, the girls were helped out by a fan cam that went totally viral in Korea.
The video is of Hani at a music festival in Paju back in October. The internet finally saw what a sexy dance this is and the song became on of the most-played songs of the end of the year!
Watch the video for yourself:

Hani Fan Cam: 8+ Views

Special LG Plus Version

Original MV

Dance Practice (Sexy Version)

Dance Practice (Eye Contact Version)

Damn, work it girl!
Omg I heard about this. my friends and I were talking to our korean friend. let's just say he likes the video xD
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