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It seems that national parks in the USA will be getting a big boost next year--in the form of nearly $432 million more dollars in funding!
What does money go towards? The highlights seem to show it will go towards:
- targeted increases for the National Park Service Centennial Initiative (a multi-year effort that would expand the use of parks for informal learning and recreation)
- $8 million to restore seasonal capacity
- $20 million for youth engagement
- $2 million for volunteer coordination
- $13.5 million to support new parks and critical responsibilities
- $242.8 million is requested across the operations and construction accounts to restore and maintain all 6,735 highest priority non-transportation assets in good condition over 10 years,

- increases of $50 million for the Civil Rights initiative - many other areas!
Let's hope this is accepted as the final budget, and that it represents a shift in thinking towards actually working to preserve what wildlife we have left!

How much money are the parks normally given each year? I'm curious as to what the total is going to be @yakwithalan
Is there somewhere I can see the full breakdown of what will be protected? @yakwithalan
Woohoo! I'm glad things to be being allocated well as well. Hopefully it's being set to areas taht will actually use the money wisely!
@hikaymm Go, go! @happyrock has a great collection that will show you some of the best ones in the USA if you love the outdoors.
Great to hear our parks won't be going anywhere soon!! This looks like a great reminder to GO to some of them....I haven't been in years!!