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I know this isn't exactly 'hiking' in the traditional sense, but it looks like a really freaking good time to me!! It's actually kind of painful how hipster this video is (is it kosher to call myself hipster?) but it looks like a great thing to do with friends. Looks very relaxing, right! Anyways, cool very self-aware video, and cool sights. Hope I can go here someday!
Happy to have you all!!!!
Guess I'm the only one passing on this. Not my kinda gathering.
@TrevorGoldley @fallingwater @yakwithalan Me too! Looks relaxing. If we can squeeze in a real hike, I'd be even more pleased. And make someone else carry all that stuff. thanks.
I'm all for a serious hike just as much as I'm for a fun one. Count me in!
Not sure what makes this hipster (or what that really means, to be honest) but it looks like they had fun so I'll take it.