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I know this isn't exactly 'hiking' in the traditional sense, but it looks like a really freaking good time to me!! It's actually kind of painful how hipster this video is (is it kosher to call myself hipster?) but it looks like a great thing to do with friends. Looks very relaxing, right! Anyways, cool very self-aware video, and cool sights. Hope I can go here someday!
Not sure what makes this hipster (or what that really means, to be honest) but it looks like they had fun so I'll take it.
I'm all for a serious hike just as much as I'm for a fun one. Count me in!
@TrevorGoldley @fallingwater @yakwithalan Me too! Looks relaxing. If we can squeeze in a real hike, I'd be even more pleased. And make someone else carry all that stuff. thanks.
Guess I'm the only one passing on this. Not my kinda gathering.
Happy to have you all!!!!